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Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre Ceramic Coating Applicator

Microfibre Ceramic Coating Applicator


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Microfibre Ceramic Coating Sponge 

Our microfibre ceramic coating applicator is perfect for all types of ceramic coatings which require a very thin and even application with minimal absorption. Seams are sewn on the inside so they will not scratch your paint. Soft microfibre with treated foam for minimal absorption. This microfibre ceramic coating applicator has an ergonomic soap bar shape that provides comfort and functionality. This super soft, lint-free, and extra absorbent applicator ensures streak-free application. With exceptional durability, it withstands numerous uses without losing its effectiveness. Upgrade your car care routine with our Ceramic Coating Applicator for professional-grade results and long-lasting performance.

Size: 10cm x 4cm x 4cm

Colour: Blue  

Material:  100% Microfibre

Country of Origin: China

Care Instructions: Once the Applicator has been used with a ceramic coating we recommend not to reuse. Always have a few fresh applicators on hand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carrera Car Care
Ceramic coating applicators

I have been using them for a long time now.
Great value and good quality.

Every Detail Matters
Excellent coating applicator

The applicators are super soft, so are great for bodywork or wheels. They contour to any curves and lines which is handy, especially when coating intricate wheels. The seam is a little annoying but I just don’t use that side which means it does not get in the way.

These are my new coating applicators going forward, for bodywork, wheels & interior leathers

Rachel Schmitt
Detailers dream

Ive been using these for a while now and deadset Im thoroughly impressed with these. It's a high-quality tool that delivers exceptional results. The microfibre material absorbs just the right amount of coating and allows for smooth and precise application. It's easy to handle and provides great coverage. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this applicator to any car enthusiast or professional detailer.

Andrew Legno
Bloody brillant

I couldn't be happier with the Microfibre Ceramic Coating Applicator. It's a top-quality product that delivers exceptional results. The microfibre material is absorbent, allowing me to apply the ceramic coating evenly. The design makes it comfortable to hold and manuver. It's a must-have tool for anyone looking to achieve a showroom-worthy shine on their vehicle. You'd be a fool to think these arent the best u can get at the moment.

Carrera Car Care
Great Applicators. Highly recommend

These are my go to applicators I always get a uniform coating.
Love them.