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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

We recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Personal information for our business purposes is to be minimal, private, correct, safe and largely in the control of the individual. Except where otherwise legally appropriate we treat your personal information as private.

2. Your say on your privacy.

If you have a particular concern or query about your personal information gained by us you should contact out Privacy Officer via our Contact Form.

3. The nature of our business.

We are principally importers and wholesalers of microfibre cloths. Wholesaling utilises a number of facilities and operations including offices and warehouses, the Internet, promotional material (using various forms including paper and electronic mail outs), credit and other card systems. As a wholesaler we conduct any or all of these avenues of business from time to time.

4. Obtaining personal information.

Because of the nature of our business it is necessary to obtain personal information from time to time. We will however not be unduly intrusive nor obtain or use information in an inappropriate manner. We will only ask for and use personal information we reasonably need to conduct our business. We will not sell or give away your details for any purpose other than to conduct business with you.

5. Safekeeping and need to know handling.

As part of us keeping your personal information private we only allow access on a need to know basis.

6. Your access and control.

However, in accordance with the privacy law we give you access to your personal information we hold. You can correct misinformation (except where it would be inappropriate or exempted by law e.g – where it would require disclosing someone else’s personal information, but we will provide you with reasons in doing so).

7. Confidence.

It is important for us that persons with whom we do business have confidence that we handle information responsibly and it is our policy to do this.

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