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Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Printing on microfibre cloth is done by a couple of different printing methods, either dye sublimation printing or less common screen printing. 

Some fantastic results can be achieved by printing onto a microfibre cloth. Especially the low knap or low pile microfibre such as the suede. It is not possible to print on longer pile cloth.

One thing to remember when choosing to print on a microfibre cloth is that you cannot print light colours onto a dark coloured cloth, for example white on black cloth. Your logo should be darker than the colour of the towel so there is good contrast. If you have a logo with vibrant colours then we suggest you choose a white cloths. 

Minimum quantity for printing is 100 pieces and this is done locally. For quantities of 1,000 + it is more economical to have it done overseas. Email us your logo with size, placement and quantity we can quote you a price.


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