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Can I return a product if I am not satisfied?

All we ask is to notify us as soon as you are aware there is a problem and provide a copy or invoice number of your purchase. We will refund the purchase price upon their return and inspection. Please see our terms and conditions for returns here.


Do you sell your products through retail?

Yes we this website has made our products available to all customers, as the quantity increases so does the discount on pricing.


What are your microfibre cloths made from?

Our microfibre cloths are made from fine synthetic fibre made up of polyester and polyamide.


How big are your microfibre cloths?

Most of our microfibre cloths are 40cm x 40cm. We also have larger cloths available in sizes 50cm x 50cm as well as other measurements for specific purposes.


What colours are the microfibre cloths available in?

The microfibre cloths are available in the following colours:

Light blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Charcoal, Pink and Brown.

*Colour options vary for the different types of cloths. You will find the colour options available for each cloth on their individual page.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders are shipped daily and most orders arrive between 1 – 3 days for cities and 3 – 5 days for Regional locations and  7-10 days for WA & Remote from the date the order is shipped. Due to COVID restrictions some deliveries may take longer than expected.


How do I wash my microfibre cloths?

Our microfibre cloths can all be machine washed and are extremely durable.


Can we use our microfibre cloths in our childcare cantres and aged care facilities?

Absolutely. Our microfibre cloths give peace of mind to all staff and administration that health and hygiene standards are being exceeded by using a product of such high quality. There are many reasons why microfibre cloths rather than standard cleaning cloths found in the supermarkets are beneficial to both the childcare centre and the children themselves

These benefits include:

  • Antibacterial cleaning and reducing the need to use chemicals which could potentially trigger reactions amongst children.
  • Improves assessment and rating results in Quality Areas including: Element 2.1.3 – Effective hygiene practices are promoted and implemented and Element 2.1.4 – Steps are taken to control the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Effectively cleaning the surface as microfibre cloths lift the dirt, not just move it around
  • Microfibre cloths are available in multiple colours enabling specific colours to be allocated for specific areas (i.e. kitchen, office, desks, floor spills, toilets, etc.)


What are the overall benefits of using microfibre cloths?

Microfibre cloths are made from a unique combination of fibres which results in producing static electricity that assists in lifting up tiny particles of dirt and dust that a standard cloth would not be able to grab.

Microfibre cloths and towels are able to absorb up to seven times more moisture than regular cloths. Microfibre cloths will not scratch surfaces and significantly reduce the need for cleaning products.


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