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Microfibre Cloths is a privately held Australian business offering our product country-wide since 2007. Our aim is to provide high-grade microfibre cleaning cloths to commercial users. We stand behind our microfibre cleaning products 100% and pride ourselves on providing clients with value, quality and great service.

Our microfibre cloths have been made using the highest quality materials. In addition, we can offer clients standard and custom-sized microfibre cloths thanks to our established partnership with the production team. A variety of colours and a wide range of microfibre weaves are possible. We provide multipurpose microfibre cleaning cloths to a large range of industries including:

  • Cleaning suppliers
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Car washing facilities and auto detailers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Cleaning and janitorial businesses
  • Beauty salons and spas
  • Educational institutes
  • Retail outlets
  • Childcare centres
  • Aged care facilities

At Microfibre Cloths we pride ourselves on customer service and appreciate that every client has individual and specific requirements. Every industry and business are different and it’s important for us to supply a product that meets those requirements. Whether you are an existing client or potential customer, we are happy to speak to you about your requirements and tailor an order accordingly. Our multipurpose microfibre cleaning cloths are one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning aids on the market. With a little hot water, you will find most dirt and grime is easily removed which allows for chemical-free cleaning.

Due to its composition of polyester and nylon, microfibre cannot scratch the surface like cotton does. The secret of microfibre is in the fabric knitting and spiting where each fibre splits into thousands of smaller fibres. When microfibre encounters dirt and grime it traps them within these thousands of fibres. This result is why most professional cleaners prefer microfibre to cheaper cotton cloths. There is no transfer of dust and dirt to other surfaces as the unwanted partials bond to the microfibre and will only be released with a good rinsing or washing. Please contact our office today.

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