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Microfibre Cloths

Wool Buffing Pads - Course

Wool Buffing Pads - Course


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Our wool course buffing pads are engineered with precision, the dual white-and- yellow individual wool strands are optimised to deliver exceptional cutting and finishing performance. The unique blue backing foam strikes the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, enabling maximum power transfer while conforming to body panels. This ensures an even and consistent level of paint correction across every section of the panel.

One of the key advantages of these pads is their ability to effectively address paint defects, rivalling the performance of microfibre pads. What sets them apart is their superior heat management, as they run cooler than foam pads and do not suffer from overheating issues. 

Size: 80mm (3"), 125mm (5") & 150mm (6")

Colour: Tan 

Material: Wool 

Country of Origin: China

To maintain wool pads, use a dedicated wool cleaning "spur" tool during use to remove debris without damaging the fibres. After each use, clean the pad with the "spur" tool, store it in a plastic bag, and allow it to dry if excessively moist before returning it to the bag. Before reuse, remove dried-out chemical residue with the spur tool. This routine ensures pad longevity and prevents contamination.

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Customer Reviews

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Micheal Ramirez

I can confidently say that the Wool Buffing Pads (Course Type) are the real deal! I've tried several buffing pads over the years, but none compare to the performance and durability of these pads. They work wonders in restoring the shine and gloss to my car's paint, making it look brand new again. The coarse wool fibres effectively cut through oxidation and imperfections without leaving any swirl marks. Even on neglected surfaces, these pads manage to bring back the luster with ease. They are incredibly long-lasting, showing minimal signs of wear even after multiple uses.