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Premium 5 Finger Wash Mitt

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As our most popular wash mitt, our Premium Microfibre 5 finger wash mitts are great quality and versatile to use. These Microfibre Wash Mitts are vital for achieving high-quality detailing on the exterior of your car. These mitts and pads are essential tools for every part of your washing process. It's recommended to use a separate wash mitt for cleaning wheels to ensure thorough cleaning.

Product Information

Size: 26cm x 20cm
Colour: Blue & White with White Cuff
Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
Material: 100% Microfibre
Country of Origin: China

Instructions for use

1. Submerge the mitt into your soapy wash bucket solution, ensuring it's fully saturated and covered in bubbles.

2. Apply gentle pressure and let the cleaning shampoo do its job effortlessly. Gently glide the wash mitt over each section of the exterior.

3. Rinse off any dirt every 15 seconds or as needed. The microfibres will lift and trap dirt to remove any dirt present on the car paint.

Care Instructions


Customer Reviews

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Greg .H.
5 finger wash mit

this is the second one i have bought the first one for the wheels this one for the car it works a treat and great service

Hi Greg, Thank you for another great review. Glad to hear the five finger wash mitt is working well for the wheels. The design makes them perfect for getting into wheel crevices to wipe away brake dust.

Rodney Smith
Cuts through dirt so easily!

Great for really washing my car. I do a lot of 4WD so when I get my car home I love giving it a good solid wash with one of these. Soap it up and it easily removes dirt and grime in one swipe. Simply finish with a water spray down afterwards! SUPER QUICK DELIVERY!!

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