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Microfibre Pile

Microfibre Pile

Pile is a term used to describe the strand length of a microfibre cloth. Microfibre pile is made constructed of thousands & thousands of individual microfibre strands. There are 4 common pile types sold, they are; ultra-low pile, low pile, medium pile and high pile.

Ultra Low Pile

Ultra low pile virtually is a flat cloth such as a suede cloth. They are suited for cleaning and removing human oils from eyewear, mobile phones, tablets & computers. This cloth will not perform very well doing other tasks. Most ultra low microfibre cloths are made of microfibre suede or specific glass cloth which is a low corduroy pile.
Targeted uses: Glass cleaning, computers, tablets, televisions, monitors and glassware.

Low Pile

Low pile microfibre cloths are most suited for removing compounds, polishes, and waxes. Because the pile is short is has little movement in the pile against the surface, so the pile grabs and traps whatever is on surface that is being cleaned or polished
Waffle weave microfibre cloths are also low pile cloths. Another cloth that has a low pile on one side is the cobra towel, which is an extremely versatile cloth, low pile one side and medium pile on the other. The short pile removes polish and waxes while the medium pile is great for finishing.
Targeted uses: Removal of compounds, polishes and waxes

Medium Pile

Medium pile microfibre cloths are the most common and moist versatile for general purpose cleaning. Terry cloths are medium pile and are great for general cleaning of most surfaces. Used by commercial cleaners, hospitals, auto detailers because it is the best all rounder.
Targeted uses: general cleaning, interior cleaning, light drying.

High Pile

High pile is high in absorbency and due to the fact that a longer pile has more surface area which traps liquid and dust and dirt. High pile cloth like the coral fleece have a high pile and the towels are super absorbent, if made into double layered it can be made to increase their weights up to 1000 GSM, this is done to increase the overall absorbency. This style of microfibre is more popular with the auto detailing industry.
Targeted uses: Drying, waterless washing, quick detailer.

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