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Microfibre…have you made the switch yet?

Microfibre…have you made the switch yet?

It’s no longer a passing trend that microfibre is the most universal/ long lasting and affordable solution to home cleaning on a regular basis. As well as its popularity on Pinterest and Tik Tok, it seems the general public are opting for microfibre cleaning cloths instead of regular cotton cloths. This is due to a number of benefits that microfibre has over cotton or regular cleaning cloths.

First things first!

Firstly, unlike cotton cloths microfibre removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface. In comparison to traditional cotton cloths that only remove 38% of bacteria and 23% of viruses from a contaminated surface. Crazy for a cloth that holds microfibres 100 times thinner than human hair!

Second thing, comes second (but still important)Affordable? Cheaper? Saving if switching?

Well surely anything that you can reuse up to 500 times is going to be more affordable? Yes. But it’s not going to cost you an arm or leg either. Buying microfibre in bulk will also save you $$ in the long run. Microfibre cloths not only present greater durability than regular cleaning cloths but they are also more friendly to the environment.

Lasting up to 500 washes per towel, it’s no wonder everyone is making the switch. Although the upfront cost is higher than that of regular cotton cleaning cloths, long term the microfibre cloths are most cost effective of laundered and looked after correctly.

The Comparison – Regular Cotton Cloths

For decades the commercial and general cleaner has used cotton to clean surfaces, as they are breathable and gentle enough to not scratch surfaces. However, even though cotton cloths are relatively inexpensive it doesn’t have the fibres necessary to catch and trap dirt. Instead, debris is just moves from one place to another.

Cleaning Technology

Due to the nature of the fibres, microfibre cloths have the ability to use static electricity which attracts dust and dirt particles. This cleaning technology also allows for a non-scratch finish, making it easy to use on any surface.

Why is our microfibre different?

Our microfibre is high quality. But what exactly does that mean? Our microfibre is made with quality yarn through a process referred to as split microfibre. Not only does this increase the surface area (providing better absorbency and wipe quality) over other microfibre cloths.

Properties of Polyester and Polyamide produces fibres that are less thickness than human hair and when split creates microscopic hooks in h fibres that trap ad capture excess dirt. Under a microscope split-microfibre appears in the shape of a star. 

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