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Premium Chenille Wash Pad (23x37cm)

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Our Premium Chenille Wash pad makes cleaning a breeze, the soft chenille noodles lift and trap dirt when washing your car so you don't scratch or mar the paint. Perfect for a swirl free finish. With supreme softness, superior absorption, and enhanced durability these wash pads will effortlessly remove dirt and grime without scratching your vehicle's surface. With a comfortable grip and versatile application, it's the perfect choice for a scratch-free and enjoyable car washing experience.

Product Information

Size: 20cm x 32cm x 4.5cm
Colour: Yellow
Weight: 1200GSM
Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
Material: 100% Microfibre
Country of Origin: China
Care Instructions: Our Microfibre Wash Pads are machine washable.

Care Instructions


Customer Reviews

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LOVE these!

I love these noodle wash pads, they hold a humongous amount of suds, are very soft, allow me to really, really remove all little gritty bits and pieces from between the noodles, unlike microfibre wash pads which hold onto the gritty bits, and I now can't wait to use them every time I wash the car! I was very dissatisfied with the amount of grit I'd have to try to remove from a normal microfibre wash pad as the wash pad just held onto it, drove me nuts, the noodles don't hang onto bits of leaves etc. Hooray for these and for Microfibre World!

Absolutely fantastic!!!

I took a chance and bought five of these and, oh my goodness, I love them! They hold heaps of suds and can be quite heavy, but they're beautifully soft and I was after a noodle wash pad rather than a microfibre wash pad so I could see when there were pieces of grit etc. in the wash pad and it works! When rinsing under running water before popping in the washing machine you just run your hands over the noodles and it kind of coaxes the grit away, I'm RAPT! Highly recommend.

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